Agricultural Environment and Resources Institute

81 Longcheng street 030006, Taiyuan Shanxi

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 Director Zhang Qiang , Party secretary Zhou Huaiping

Associate directors Zhou Huaiping


Agricultural Environment and Resources  Institute was founded in 1959 and it is engaged in research of soil amelioration, plant nutrition and fertilization technology. At present there are 19 high-rank scientists and 12 middle-rank ones. The institute is equipped with advanced facilities of total value of 10 million Chinese yuan and a liquid fertilizer pilot base with fixed assets of more than 2 million Chinese yuan. In the institute research has been conducted in soil renovate and quality appraisal, sustainable utilization of soil-water-fertilizer and biologic resources, balanced plant nutrition and effective utilization of fertilizer/manure, protection of agro-resources and ecologic system, new chemical product development and technology advisory and services. Since the founding of the institute, more than 200 research tasks sponsored by national government, Chinese Ministry of Agriculture, provincial government and the Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, have been fulfilled and 60 of them have won successful results.  At the mean time 2 patents and 500 pieces of research paper have been published, in which 31 pieces were published in national academic journals. Based on the achievements of new technology and products the institute focuses both on applying foundation research and technology transfer the country in nsformation as well. The institute was once honored as one of the hundred top powerful institutes of 1996. On the purpose to make contribution to Agricultural production, rural area and the farmers, its our great desire to join hand with professional brothers at home and abroad to work at sustainable development in agriculture through effective biologic resources utilization of soil-water-fertilizer and protect/husbandry of ecologic environment.

 In the institute there are executive office, new product development office and 4 research divisions of the soil and environment protection, plant nutrition and fertilizer, agro-microorganism and laboratory of plant nutrition and agro ecologic system, and a provincial open laboratory of soil environment and nutrition resources set on September 29, 2002. In addition, two entities companies of Ketongsheng Agro Scientech Company Limited and Weinong Liquid Fertilizer Plant are affiliated to the institute.

  The scientists in the institute are organized in a ratio discipline and age structure. In the total 55 scientists, 19 are guest researchers, 6 foreign scientists and 15 domestic ones, of them 1academician from Chinese Academy of Sciences, 7 tutors of doctor students and 6 doctors.